The place where leaders are born and relationships are your most valuable teachers...

Do you wish you felt more connected to your value and worth?

The Synchronize Your Life Membership Community was created to teach Highly Sensitive People how to be a leader in their own life. And yes, that starts with shifting feelings of worthlessness and learning what it means to own your value.

This program is a MUST if you answer YES to these questions:

  • Do you take longer than necessary when making decisions, no matter how small?
  • Do you question and doubt your ability to have fulfilling relationships, successful business, or unwavering health?
  • Do you often question your worth and tell yourself you have nothing valuable to offer?
  • Do you fear you will ALWAYS feel this way and things will never change for you?

"When a flower doesn't bloom, you change the environment in which it grows, not the flower." -Alexander Den Heijer


The SYL Membership Community is for you if you want to...

Better understand what it means to 'own your value' or 'know your worth'.

Feel more confident in charging for your services, your online programs, or asking your boss for a raise.

Confidently take steps towards living your best life.

Use your voice with confidence so that people hear you and take you seriously.

Master your emotional ups and downs so you can consistently show up 'in the arena'.

Step out of a season of depression and reconnect with the spark of life..

What's included in the membership?

Daily E-Coaching from Karina & SYL Peer Mentors

The 12 Modules to Synchronize Your Life

A Highly Supportive & Connected Private Facebook Community

Deep Dive Journaling Exercises

Access to the SYL Audible Library

Access to the SYL Secret Archives Platform

Before starting the program, members said...

“I did not give value to my own feelings, needs, or myself.”  

“I felt very scattered and fearful of my future. I questioned myself a lot and really felt like I was grasping for stable ground. I had been through so many changes to the point that I felt lost in them.  

“I didn't feel like I had a structure or clear goals. I was constantly seeking new sensations at a higher and higher speed and not fully feeling enough. I was very overwhelmed and never felt content, always looking where the grass was greener.”  

“A lot of comparing and self-sabotaging. Forgetting everything I had done and the many qualities I embody and feel proud of.”  

“Extreme mood swings, very little awareness for experiencing an optimal life; frustration, working at a job that was unfulfilling, little understanding of my emotions, holding myself back with limiting beliefs, and feeling overwhelmed.  

"I had a strong need to be perfect. I judged myself daily for my flaws and what I thought I was doing wrong. It felt challenging to forgive myself and truly love myself just the way I am.”

Since joining, members reported...

"I am more consistently valuing myself, my needs, and wants. I’m not afraid to ask for my worth when telling others what I charge for my services."  

"I am more consistent in trusting my intuition even when it goes against my feelings of what I think I want."  

"I feel much more accepting and forgiving and no longer feel the constant pressure to perform and prove myself to others in order to feel good."  

"I don’t feel guilty anymore if I have a day when I am tired and don’t get very much done. I am proud to say that I actually allow myself to have some space and just be."  

"I’ve developed a feeling that I am a good human being, I am worthy, and I offer real value to the world, despite my flaws."  

"I now recognize the values of being a Highly Sensitive Person."  

"I have a better paying job that allows me personal time for my own projects and explorations, and provides better stability. I saw a new project to its completion and feel more aligned with the cause I feel strongly to support."

Hi! Karina here...  

Vlogger, Podcaster, Relationship Coach, HSP Mentor, and Life Strategist living in the beautiful Hudson Valley of New York. And yes, I am High Sensation Seeking, Highly Sensitive Person. 

Since fully owning the trait of being a HSP, I’ve committed my life to the contribution of the Highly Sensitive Person Awareness Movement. Over the past 5 years I founded and facilitated 5 Meet-Up Groups for Highly Sensitive People across the US; from New York to Hawaii, hosted and co-hosted retreats in Colorado, San Diego, and New York, and currently facilitate a virtual community space for Highly Sensitive People called Synchronize Your Life.

I started these community spaces because I’ve seen and felt the power of what happens when we feel safe and experience a sense of belonging and unconditional understanding. We are stronger, more resilient, and braver to be seen and heard in a world many of us have felt misunderstood by. We are often the silent leaders, the beta leaders, the gentle leaders from behind that influence in powerful ways. Often without credit or recognition, and yet, we touch many peoples' lives everywhere we go. For many of us, that’s the way we like it - making a powerful impact, without it being about us.

For the sacred contracts I am here to serve, I feel deeply that any sensitive person who still feels like an ugly duckling (not good enough, self-doubtful, insecure, and too small to many any real impact on the world), has a light inside of them, a connection to something so beautiful, that when given the right conditions, can create new worlds by healing from past traumas.

These past 4 years, I’ve seen first hand how the SYL Community space has the most ideal growing conditions for Highly Sensitive People to fully know and love themselves; to see their own beauty, their own light, and trust the internal compass that leads from within. For every person, that will look differently, and by knowing yourself, you will find your way. That is my promise to you.

And me – I am here as your guide. To teach you how to read the maps of life, navigate the internal compass, and handle the roadblocks you’re presented with, so you can diligently take steps towards carving out your own piece of the world in a way that is meaningful to you.

If your heart is fluttering with excitement as you read this, consider becoming a member in our community. If you have specific questions about the membership or what you will receive, fill out an Interest Form so we can schedule a 15 minute call. I’d be happy to support you in figuring out if this virtual space is what you’ve been intuitively looking for. Looking forward to connecting further, talk soon

What topics will be covered?

There are 12 Modules total, here is a sneak peak!  

"Plain and simple, human beings are electrical beings. And Highly Sensitive People...we are similar to high voltage electrical wires. When those wires aren't grounded, guess what happens? It either is all over the place and can potentially harm someone, or there is little to no energy flowing through and unable to send energy to its destination. In a way, we work similarly. When we are not grounded, it is almost impossible to experience a natural flow of creativity, genuine connection, and navigate from a place of clear intuition."

"Highly Sensitive People often feel different, weird, and misunderstood...we will live our whole lives seeking acceptance, validation, love, and approval from the outside world, and constantly wonder why we aren't good enough. It's time to change that...starting here."

"There comes a point in every HSP's journey when they find their voice and start to use it; time to stand up for what they believe in and speak their truth. There comes a point when its time to be seen in the world and get out of hiding behind circumstances, blame, and feeling not enough. Being Seen is all about showing up fully for your life - being in the arena as Brene Brown teaches, owning the stories of your life, and choosing how you will write the ending."

"The SYL program provides the right tools, at the right time as I navigate my way through my personal and professional life as a Highly Sensitive Person. Learning through the community by being seen and showing up, attending 1:1 sessions with Karina, and consuming the lessons on my own time via the Private Portal all contribute to a program experience that is a MUST for my continued growth."

Angie Wean | Eugene, OR 

"I didn’t know what I was looking for until I found the Synchronize Your Life Community. When I did, I knew my search was over and the real journey ‘within’ could begin. To me the SYL Community provides me with a map of my journey through life. Karina is my guide when the terrain gets rough and the road signs are confusing. The other members of the tribe are my fellow travelers when the road gets too lonely. Make no mistake, I do the hard work, and this has been the biggest key to my growth. The focus here is growth from the roots, building a strong foundation, so that the tree trunk can support the branches as they reach for the stars. So ask yourself why are you are reading this right now? And why do you feel there is something missing in the world, your life, or on your journey through life? [Consider] that you are put here to do something about it. Be the change You wish to see. I believe in You so why wouldn’t You? Give it a try. Fear is nothing but an illusion anyway." 

Joel | Lund, Sweden 

"I have learned so many skills to manage my emotions and to create the life I want. I have lots of tools available to me now. If one thing doesn't work well for me, there are plenty of other things I could be doing. Karina helps guide and encourage me to find what works for me. I have become a much more positive and spiritual person and have learned to look at things in another way. I have learned to ask for things and see the way in which they are given. I don't necessarily receive them in the time frame I think I should, but I receive them in the time that the universe deems is appropriate for me."  

Maria Feria | San Diego, CA 

"I started working with Karina in 2015. Before then, I was going through a personal crisis and was stuck in a deep fog with no orientation. The first year helped me clear my thoughts and supported me in getting out of survival mode. One of Karina’s biggest assets to me was that she not only has a well structured program but that she always was able understand what I needed most. She assisted me by believing in me and showing me how to light my inner flame again. Step by step we developed goals together and she held me accountable for them. In the first 6 months I was able to set a rock-solid and totally re-engineered foundation to my personal and professional life. I reached all my goals and switched from anxiety driven to love and light driven. The next year helped me deepen the shifts I experienced. The group sessions and Facebook forum as well as the audio trainings, for me, are the perfect way to serve my further personal growth and help me make more plans for the future, because this is just the beginning. Highly professional. Highly effective. Always with a big portion of love!  

Maxim Künzel | Düsseldorf, Germany 

"I had been traveling for many years and felt that I created an addictive pattern of always seeking new sensations. I needed help to become more grounded in my life. I really appreciate the personal connection and the feeling of community - that you are not alone with all these feelings and thoughts. I really value that in this community, we are inspired to stand up for our HSP side and to be confident in being seen and not hide. My membership in this community has made me become much more in tune with my true self and less focused on what others might think. 

Sophie Baystream | Prague, Czech Republic 

"I would recommend this program to another HSP because we have a different need than the rest of the world. As an HSP, we need profound connections to people as well as our decisions. This is more than the rest of the population needs. In this program, my experience has been learning the difference between a great idea and a great connection to a path, a choice, a journey; and having valuable support along the way. For me, I needed someone to help me pull out that great connection. I'm not meant to travel alone for the entire journey and Lord knows I have a great deal to distract me. But when that emptiness comes, I have tools and a community to support me as I find this great connection again.  

Gretchen Gillman | Prineville, OR